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About Us

So you want to learn more about us? Well, it all goes back to 2018, when we were founded by San Diego native Abel Pacas, BA#: 1846751.

Abel entered the bail bond’s industry years ago as a young bounty hunter capturing, and apprehending wanted fugitives that skipped bail in and out of the country for other big local San Diego bail bond agencies as well as agencies in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

He was mentored by the toughest and most respected Bail Bond agents in the industry quickly climbing popularity amongst the heads of the Bonding industry saving them millions of dollars combined in liability throughout his years as a bounty hunter.

One day, while bounty hunting, he noticed a pattern in most agencies he hunted for, they weren’t well rounded or knowledgeable enough in the game to really help make a difference in every case they took on. Abel decided to make the jump from bounty hunter to licensed bail agent to learn the other side of Bail Bonds.

Quickly adapting and learning every moving piece it took to bail someone out of jail. He then created a plan to work for other local bail bond agencies for 1 year at a time to learn how they wrote bail so that he could create his own combination of underwriting and bail knowledge that stretched all the way into the court room for both his future business and his clients.

Once he saved up enough capital to start his own company he made the jump in 2017 creating what is now known as Abel’s Bail Bonds.

Since then Abel’s Bail bonds has trained a large team of professional and experienced bail bondsman that are able to help assist every client so that they have the best outcome in court.

Along the way, Abel has utilized his knowledge and drive to fight the California bail reform. It has become his mission to educate the public about bail reform so they understand the bail industry is on their side and preserving bail means keeping our streets safer.

With multiple office locations throughout the southern California region, Abel’s Bail Bonds has helped thousands of good people get out of jail and regain control of their future.

Listen to founder Abel Pacas expose how SB10 will affect California Bail

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