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Las Colinas Detention Facility

Established in August 2014, it replaced the antiquated Las Colinas Detention Facility, which originated in 1967. Initially functioning as a juvenile facility, it transitioned into a women’s facility in 1979. The newly inaugurated facility is staffed by approximately 200 sworn employees and 200 professional staff members, introducing innovative operational philosophies.

Emphasizing reentry services, LCDRF offers improved facilities and academic/pre-employment classes. This ensures that incarcerated individuals depart better equipped for successful community reintegration, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

Another groundbreaking philosophy at LCDRF is “Direct Supervision.” This approach positions deputies within the housing areas, promoting increased interaction between staff and incarcerated individuals to address conflicts before they escalate.

Furthermore, LCDRF extends a broader array of housing options to individuals needing separation or specialized care for medical or mental health requirements.

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