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Are you looking for a top Riverside Bail Bondsman? How does bail work?

Are you looking for a top Riverside bail bondsman? Then your search is over with Abel’s Bail Bonds. Many ask, how does bail work? Short answer, if an Inmate does not have the full amount to cover the initial bail bestowed upon them, they can use the services of a bail bondsman through Abel’s Bail Bonds. The bail agent agrees to secure the release of the accused individual for a fee of 10% from the total bail amount. Learn More about Bail Bonds Process

Are the Fees Negotiated?

It is important to note, once the fee has been negotiated, this is the first step in the bail release process. Then, the arrested individual or co-signor has agreed to take responsibility for the full bail bond amount. To conclude, the bail agent will submit the bond to the jail and the arrested individual is released from custody.

Bail has become Abel’s passion. He has utilized his knowledge and drive to fight the California bail reform. It has become his mission to educate the public about bail reform so they understand the bail industry is on their side and preserving bail means keeping our streets safer.

Q & A – The Bail Bond Process and important information- San Diego County

Bail bonds or cash bails are accepted, once the inmate has cleared the wants/warrants process. To eliminate duplicate bonds, each bond is verified, time stamped, and entered into the JAIL ONE AT A TIME while the agent or representative is present. Bonds are accepted on any case with a bail amount set, regardless of the status of other arrests. Get more important info NOW!

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Once the fully booked status is confirmed, bail is accepted. In order to provide consistency, bail is accepted between the hours of 06:00 hours to 03:00 hours (next day).

Inmate and Bail Processing Example

For example, inmate Tony GarciaBrought into custody on 06/10/2015 (Wednesday) @ 04:00 hours;Bail is accepted once the booking process is complete and is cleared under the Who’s In Jail website; Bail is accepted up until 03:00 hours on the scheduled court date.Using the above timeline ensures the inmate is not scheduled for court, and therefore, not placed on any court list. The Daily Court List is generated no later than 04:00 hours by the assigned facility court deputy.



On occasion, bail is sometime posted for an inmate previously arraigned. Additionally, if bail is indicated, the inmate has the right to bail PRIOR to the future court date. For example, inmate Haley Thomas•Future court date scheduled for 06/12/2015 @ 13:30; Furthermore, bail is normally accepted up until 03:00 hours on the scheduled court date. Finally, once bail is received it is to be processed immediately and forwarded to the designated detention processing technician. IMPORTANT, bail is NOT accepted for any inmate who is in court and/or en route to court


Our Mission

Our mission is to make every client feel like a valued client regardless of the initial bail amount. We have the knowledge, experience and professional attitude to help you or your loved ones out of jail.

“Being arrested is traumatizing enough, it’s up to us bail agents to make sure we make the process as quick and simple as possible” – Founder/ Bail Agent.


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