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San Diego bail bondsman gives back to the Chicano community

SAN DIEGO — Abel’s Bail Bonds in San Diego, CA is making a difference this San Diego bail bondsman is giving back to the Chicano community. A large group of demonstrators gathered outside Central Jail in downtown San Diego Thursday night to protest the arrest of a man in Chicano Park. Founder & CEO of Abel’s bail bonds arrived at the central jail shortly after to personally pay the $20,000.00 bail and help Mr. Alvarez out of custody. See More Headlines

“This attack was a result of racial profiling and is a reminder of how racially divided we have become as a society.”- CEO

Video posted online showed a man struggling with several officers at the park Thursday afternoon before being tackled to the ground. At one point, an officer punched the man’s side several times as police tried to pull out his arms and place him in handcuffs. Bystanders recording the encounter stood nearby yelling at officers to stop hitting the man, who had a camera around his neck, and asking what he had done.

Alvarez, 22, is a member of the Brown Berets of Aztlan, a group that observes police activity at Chicano Park, according to the page.

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